Rental rates for 2018

Period Price
Half Easter 2000,-
Christianity long weekend 2000,-
Full week school holiday (Sunday 1600 to Sunday 1400) 4500,-
Short week (Sunday 1600 to Thursday 1400) 1200,-
Weekend (Thursday 1600 to Sunday 1400) 1200,-
Full week excluding school holidays (if available, Sunday 1600 to Sunday 1400) 2400,-

Rental periods:

  • Summer: Week before school holiday to school start week, the cabin is rented only weekly.
  • Easter: Easter is divided into two, from Friday to Wednesday and from Wednesday to second Easter day.
  • From Wednesday before Christianity Day to Sunday.
  • Otherwise, the week can be shared in short weeks.
  • Sunday afternoon to Thursday afternoon.
  • Or weekend, Thursday to Sunday afternoon.

Arrival the cabin after 1600, and depart by 1400.

Payment terms:
For full week during high season, the rent must be paid within 30 days prior to arrival. Outside high season, rentals must be paid no later than 10 days before arrival. The rent will not be refunded after this. In case of late payment, the lease agreement will expire, and may then go to the next one the list.

Payment to:
NNN avd. 18 Rogaland
Vestre Svanholmen 12
4313 Sandnes

Account: 9011 69 53713 (note the payment with from and to date and the tenant’s name, although there are others who pay on behalf of the NNN member, it must be the NNN member who rents his name on the payment.)

For more information about ordering, please contact Heidi Gaaren on phone 41249303 /

Just a few small things. Remember these are all NNN members holiday homes in Båly. If we take care of the property and treat it nicely, it is much easier to keep the rent low. Remember, you are responsible for what is being destroyed and it is your responsibility to report to the cabin board.