Cabin policies

  1. Only members over the age of 20 in NNN department 18 Rogaland can rent the cabin. Tenant must be physically present during the rental period and it is not allowed to sublease. The tenant commits himself to the rules and cleaning list as well as to read blue perm.
  2. Smoking is not allowed inside.
  3. It is not allowed with animal keeping inside. Breaking this rules can lead to blacklisting.
  4. Broken crockery or other items should be replaced. Buy new and as similar as possible before leaving the cabin.
  5. Rubbish, old newspapers, magazine, empty bottles and other garbage are taken with or disposed in containers (see blue perm)
  6. Crab should be cooked outside; hotplate and saucepan are in the shed. It is forbidden to throw leftovers for crabs, prawns and other things in the bay.
  7. Use plastic crockery outside, dull with glass slices in the yard.
  8. Empty the grill and wash over it after use.
  9. Leave the cabin and the annexe cleaned.
  10. Washing rags and such are hung over the washing machine door, knowing all of them have been used. If it builds up it is encouraged to put on a machine. Do not use the machine when you’re not at the cabin. Remember to drain condensate in the dryer.
  11. When using the boat, read blue perm first. Gas tank must be full before departure, (95 octane) NOT oil.
  12. For the sake of neighbors, we will refer to the general rules with
    quiet at 23.00. Turn down voices and music. Complaints with noise and noise can lead to blacklisting.
  13. Close all doors and windows. Check and feel that the roof window is closed and remember the annexe.
  1. Upon departure, the tenant must check the cabin and the annexe if it is cleaned, even if it is a family or friends who have stayed there. The yard should be empty of things and outdoor furniture properly in place (may blow well).
  2. For the next tenant to be able to come to a nice and clean cabin, and to make sure everything is as it should be. Leave the cabin in such a condition you want to arrive in.
Heidi Gaaren 41249303
Erns Inge Wilhelmsen 95900562
Pål Tangen 97156470
Marius Olsen 91302378

These numbers can also be called if something is wrong on arrival.
NB. The tenant is liable if the rules are not followed


  • Floors are washed
  • Carpets are vacuum cleaned
  • carpets and floor mats are shaken
  • Do you have children, wipe over the windows
  • The fridge, stove and microwave are washed / dried over
  • empty the freezer compartment and refrigerator
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Empty the washer and dryer
  • wash and clean the toilets
  • Extract coffee machine and other kitchen appliances
  • wipe over benches, shelves and tables
  • See and make sure all roof windows, that they are closed
  • When using a boat, the fuel tank must be full and the boat is properly moored
  • The yard should be cleared and the outdoor furniture properly placed
  • Lock shed and annexe.
  • Log out of all apps you have used under your stay on the smart-tv.
  • It is your responsibility that you have remembered to log out of the apps on the smart-tv before departure so that no next renter can log in to your private user.