We welcome you to Bakers Holiday Home at Båly in Lindesnes. The cottage is located just off the Spangereid Canal, and is idyllic even with great views beyond the wedge. The cabin is located on the seafront, where we have a boat with a Pioneer 15 ” with 9.9 hp. The boat is available for use from May to the end of September. Read cabin rules for using the boat.

The cabin at Båly was bought after the sale of Bakers holiday home in Lauvik, and is a legacy of our older colleagues. We hope the cabin will be used and appreciated, but that it will also be taken care of so that it can be enjoyed for many years in the future.

There is a short distance to the marina, grocery store, beach and Scandic Lindesnes. It is also not so far to drive to for example, the animal park in Kristiansand, Lyngdal, Mandal or Lindesnes lighthouse. The children’s zoo is just a short drive away and is a fantastic place for the youngest children.